the one with the reading slump.



Dear Monday,

from the title of today’s post, you can guess that my reading month has been slow. So far, this month, i have read one novel. ONE. A couple mangas too, but those are short and quick, 30mins and i’m done. So….one book. And it took me forever to finished it.

Reading slump sucks.

I really hope this don’t last very long, Monday, because i actually miss reading.

There’s not much else too say right now, other than i’m mad at myself for not being able to read. It’s worst since i’m a book blogger and reading is what i do. I talk about what i read, but what the hell am i suppose to talk about if i don’t read anything? If i could at least know why i can seem to read more than 2 pages a day…is it the book? is it because i’m tired? is it because i’ve been watching too many christmas movies and that use up all my free time? i don’t know, lets just hope i get over it soon.

enough for this week, Monday. lets hope that next time i write to you, i have a very long list of books i have read and some tips to get over reading slump.


Yours truly,


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