Christmas – thoughts and haul.

I’m writing this blog post on Christmas day, so first thing first : MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR READERS. I hope you are having a magical day so far.

So, the reasons why i’m writing this post is because I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas and everything about it. Family. Anxiety. and all that sometimes makes Christmas overwhelming. Oh, and i’m adding a little Christmas haul at the end. Sharing with you what I got for Christmas. ^^

The first thing is realized is : I prefer the actual built up to Christmas over Christmas day itself. Does that makes sense? I just like the whole December month. Decorations goes up, gifts are being picked and wrapped, Christmas music in every store, Christmas drinks in coffeeshops….it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

But Christmas day, for me anyways, is very, very overwhelming. I’m not good with sociale interactions. Never have been and probably never will be. When there’s a lot of people around, I get really anxious. Dreaming of a quiet second. It doesn’t help when your family is as loud as mine. it makes me really uncomfortable. Also, small talks are the worst, especially when you end up in the middle of it….so, Sarah, what’s happening in your life? any plans for the future? got a boyfriend? kill me. kill me now.

I’m also unable to act like an adult. I may be 23 years old, but I belong at the kids table where I can talk video games, tv shows and superheroes…not at the adult table where they talk about work and news and traffic…but my grandmother is really traditional. After 18, you MUST sit at the adult table. T.T *dies quietly under conversation I can’t related to*

So, yup, overall, the Christmas party is not always easy for me. It has some good sides and some bad too, like everything in life. I still think Christmas is magical and I will forever love it.

Now, let me show you guys what I got. i’m really gratefull for everything I got and everybody who got me something.


2 thoughts on “Christmas – thoughts and haul.

  1. Becca says:

    Christmas parties are really tough for me too! I’m lucky that our Christmas is always pretty low-key but those questions are uncomfortable 😑 you got some fabulous gifts though!!

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