The One with the bad days

Dear Monday,

i wasn’t sure if i should write this or not. i don’t like talking about it, but sometimes you just have to get things out of our head. I have bad days. I’m not talking about those days when things just don’t seem right. Days were you’re tired and you want to sleep in. Not the bad days everybody has. I’m talking about days where i’m so down, i just cry for no reason. Days when being around other people hurts and being alone feels even worst. The kind of days i just want to hide in bed with music so loud just to hide the screaming in my mind. The days were my anxiety is at its highest and just walking outside the door feels like running a marathon. 

well, Monday, today is one of those. I haven’t sleep much, the only i had today was coffee and advils and i’m stuck at work until five. It’s talking everything i have not to quite and just go back home.

i’ll be okay, because those days always ends. Even the worst ones.

If you’re feeling like this too, just remember : Bad days end.

Yours Truly



3 thoughts on “The One with the bad days

  1. Tiana says:

    Im glad to have read this post. Sometimes there are those days where feeling down is inevitable. I used to have them all the time, when I was going through a lot at home, but it has taken a lot for me to find peace and to calm myself to be more positive, but it is a journey I would never regret having.

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