Wrap-up : January 2017

Ladies and gentlemens, welcome to the first wrap-up of 2017! *screams* 

First, i wanted to mention that i’ve set my reading goals at 105 books for 2017…and this month, i have read 15. 6 novels. 8 mangas. 1 graphic novel. 

πŸ“š Seven Deady Sins Vol. 5@10 – 4.5

πŸ“š Tokyo gouls Vol. 9@10 : 4.5/5

πŸ“š Outcast Vol. 3 : 4/5

πŸ“š PS I Like You : 4/5

πŸ“š Game (I hunt Killer #2) : 4/5

πŸ“š History is all you left me : 5/5

πŸ“š The Inconceivable Life of Quinn (ebook, ARC) : DNF

πŸ“š Tiny Pretty Things : 4/5

πŸ“š The Night Circus: 3/5

and my favorite of the month is HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME. This book was incredible and i’m already excited to reread it.


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