The one with the changes.


Dear Monday,

As you can guess by the title, today we’re talking about changes. Because i hate them, i really do. Especially when they are unexpected. There’s a couple of changes coming my way this week, at work, but also in life in general. Which, as you can probably guess, i’m not happy about it. I’m feeling anxious about what will come. I know for most people, change scares them a little, but i haven’t been able to sleep in two days. Fearing coming to work today.

The joy of being an anxious person.

Hopefully all the things going on in my head won’t happen. Hopefully i’m overthinking it, freaking out more than i should. It’s gonna be okay, but my mind won’t believe that right now.

Let’s talk more about it next week, Monday, when my mind is quieter and i can tell you how it went.

Wish me luck.

Yours Truly,



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