Lets talk about movies – part 1



In the last couple of weeks, i saw some interesting movies. I just thought it would be fun to talk a little about some of them.


FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM : As a big fan of the Harry Potter, i was one of those who where super excited about this movie. I absolutely love it, it was everything i wanted and more, to be honest. I love the character, Newt is such an amazing main character. He was fun, adorable and just so perfect. So where all the side characters too, and i found the story entertaining and magical. Excatly what you expected from a movie set in the HP world.


THE BYE-BYE MAN : When a new horror movie hits the cinema, i’m always there. So, even if my hope where not that high, i went in to see this one. And my god, it wasn’t a good one. It was boring and just meh, you know? it’s not like i absolutely hated it, but i really can not recommend this movie.


UNDERWORLD – BLOOD WAR : I love this series, i just find it so freaking entertaining. And this one worked for me. I enjoyed it from start to end. It’s dark and action pack and we have Theo James. I mean, how bad can life be when there’s Theo James?


LA LA LAND : I have so much love for this beautiful little movie. Old school musical, cute dance numbers, an enchanting romance. I loved the music and the story, the way it was filmed, the acting, the ending that broke my heart a little, but also felt kind of right. Realistic. The soundtrack was great too, i’ve been in love with it for weeks now. Overall, fantastic movie.


SPLIT : I know some people found that one a bit offensive, which i can see why, but i must say, i enjoyed this movie. It obviously wasn’t the best of all, i found it had a lack of action. but overall, i think it was a good one. The acting was incredible. The way he went from one personality to the other in like what, half a second, and you could see the changes in him. The way he spoke, the way he moved or stand. It takes a very good actor to take on a role like that and James McAvoy did a great job.



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