The One when it’s almost Valentine’s day

Dear Monday.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and even if i’m single, i have to say, i always liked it. I think there’s something special about a day dedicated to Love. i know some people will answer me by saying something like “ugh, but it’s soooo commercial now” Well, i’m sorry, it’s only that way because you let yourself turn it into something focus more on the gifts side.

I love the pinks and the reds decorating the stores. I love seeing boys in the bus with flowers in their hands and girls smiling. I like the chocolate and how they go on sale the next day. I like how in this scary, busy world there’s still a day  only for love.

But that’s just me i guess, i can see why people would hate it too.

Happy Valentine’s day, Monday.

Yours Truly,

Sarah. ❤


One thought on “The One when it’s almost Valentine’s day

  1. Hannah Louise says:

    This is such a sweet post Sarah. Yesterday I posted about 5 simple ways to say I love you. They were all homemade things. I think that Valentines Day is such a sweet day, even if you’re single. Lovely post ❤

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