The One with the lucky concert.

Dear Monday,

Today, i want to talk about music, but mostly i want to tell you about the Maroon 5 concert i went to this weekend. Concerts may be my favorite places to be. It makes me feel alive and free. You can sing, jump, dance, scream and no one will care. You just let go of everything and let the music win. It feels good.

I saw Maroon 5 Saturday night. it’s my second time seeing them and my god, it was incredible. But the most amazing thing, Monday, was that we were lucky enough to get an upgrade on our tickets. We went from the highest and cheapest tickets to two amazing sits right in front of the stage. It was absolutely insane. all this because we were nice to the lady who worked there. Being kind is always the answer, Monday. That proves it. 

My weekend was kind of awesome. Hope yours was great too.

Yours Trurly,



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