The one when i’m happy.

Dear Monday,

i was scared to write this one to be honest because i didn’t want to jinx it in any ways, but i like sharing my life with you Monday, so here it goes : I’m having a very good couple of weeks. When you have anxiety and the tendency of falling in your head way too much, you often get the bad days (i’ve already talked about those in an other letter if you want to check it out) but i think it’s also important to talk about the good days. It’s nothing big really. i didn’t win the lottery or fell madly in love with the perfect men, it’s more the way i’m seeing things. I have a good life, i know it, i’m lucky and so, so, so grateful for everything. But sometimes i have a hard time seeing it. My vision is clouded by my dark mind and it makes it almost impossible for me to appreciate the little things.

I think those little things make life what it is. You need to stop and enjoy them. The music, the coffee, the spring air, the smiling customers, the day offs, the comfy bed, the good food. i’m sure you can name some more too. Those little things that makes it so fun to be alive.

I just need to focus on them as much as i can, even during those bad days.

Yours truly,



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