The one when i’m bored at work.

Dear Monday,

i’m writing this while i’m stuck at work. i’m a barista in a coffeeshop downtown montreal and i love it, but when it’s quiet like that, my god, i wish i was anywhere else. So, i’m bored and decided to just write to you, Monday. It’s spring today, yayyy. i’m so excited for this time of the year. When we can finally go outside without the boots and the big winter coats and all that crap. i’m ready for sunshine and summer and ice cream. Spring always puts me in the best mood ever, i just love it. 

i still have 1h30 to go before the end of my shift, hopefully it will go by fast. i’m excited to get out of here and go for a walk. 

i have to go now, Monday, don’t think my boss will like me if i keep on writing to you, but i figure i could take a couple seconds to say hi. 

Yours truly,



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