Review : Literally by Lucy Keating

Annabelle’s life has always been Perfect with a capital P. Then bestselling young adult author Lucy Keating announces that she’s writing a new novel—and Annabelle is the heroine. It turns out, Annabelle is a character that Lucy Keating created. And Lucy has a plan for her.  But Annabelle doesn’t want to live a life where everything … Continue reading Review : Literally by Lucy Keating


Fan Art contest – Dominion release party

Good morning, i just wanted to let you guys know that J. Kowallis is holding a Fanart contest for one of my favorite series, The Enertia Trials. I wish i had some kind of talent to draw those characters, but i'd probably end up destroying, i'll leave that to other people. xD Anyways, while … Continue reading Fan Art contest – Dominion release party