Reading update

I just wanted to write a short post about my current reads because it will affect the content of the blog. So, basically, my last read was a reread of City of Bones. There will be no reviews of this one since i’m pretty sure by now everybody knows how much i love this series. You can always check out my old short review if you want to know more, but yup, i love it.

Second thing is that after seeing the preview for the new IT movie coming out in september, i just had to pick up the book and give it a reread. This book is over 1100 pages, so i’m guessing it’s gonna take me a little while to read. 

Anyways, i juat felt like i should explain why there’s gonna be a lack of book reviews on the blog for a little while. it’s not because i stop reading or blogging, it’s only because i lost myself in a very big book. I will write other blog posts, just not alot of book reviews.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. 


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