Into the woods.

With the lovely weather hitting us last weekend, my best friend and I just had to go on a little adventure into the woods (10 points if you read this like you are singing the song), i took a couple pictures and just wanted to share them  with you guys.

This may be the horror fan talking, but walking into the woods always make me feel like i’m at the begining  of a horror movie. Don’t get me wrong, i love it. I like how quiet it is and how you just never know what could be waiting behind the trees. I just really enjoy this vibe, even in the sunniest days.

We walked around for maybe an hour. It felt nice and calming, it was also a trip down memory lane. This place is right next to my old high school. These woods were where we spent some of our lunch breaks. Hiding away for the craziness of school. I remembered how we used to go out of the path and find an old fallen tree. It was creepy and so far away from reality. It used to be one of my favorite time of the day. When the snow will be fully gone, i really want to go back there and explore more. Find this fallen tree.

i’m leaving you guys with the pictures, hope your day is a good one.


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