5 reasons to fall in love with SPRING.


it’s really starting to feel like spring and I couldn’t be more excited. I live in a place where the Winters are long and painful. Cold, snow, and short days obviously plays a lot with your mind, especially when you just hate this season.

BUT now, i’m in a much better mood and all this because of the Spring vibe we have going on.

Here are 5 reasons why I loveeeeeeee spring.


  1. DRY SIDEWALKS. this one may be weird if you don’t live somewhere with snow. But NOTHING feels better than being able to walk on a dry sidewalks. No more wet shoes, no more frozen feet, no more half melted dirty snow. It’s the worst. Now it’s okay to put on cute boots without them being destroy by that white crap.
  2. OPEN WINDOWS. Now that it’s not freezing outside, we can actually open the windows. AND since it’s still early in the year, we still don’t have thousand of bugs running in when we do. Fresh air, comfortable wind, just perfection.
  3. DAYS ARE LONGER. Most days, I start work at 8am, which means i’m out the door at 6h30, it’s dark outside. My shift ends at 5h…and it’s still dark outside. During week days, I barely see any sunshine. It sucks. but now, now when I walk out of the coffeeshop where I work , the sun is still out. YAY FOR VITAMIN D.
  4. MUSIC AND RUNNING. I’m not much into sport…not even a little bit to be honest, but one of my tricks to deal with my crazy anxiety outburst is to get out and run. Run until my mind is clear and just get lost in my music while I do it. I don’t go out and run during Winter, but now with Spring, I can go back out there.
  5. WEIRD CONTEMPORARY MOOD. Even my reading is touched by Spring. This time of the year makes me jump into my contemporary TBR. Cute, cheesy love story arejust perfect for Spring. I just want happy endings and adorable scenes. Sunshine and roadtrip stories, something that will make me smile.

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