Review : Literally by Lucy Keating

Annabelle’s life has always been Perfect with a capital P. Then bestselling young adult author Lucy Keating announces that she’s writing a new novel—and Annabelle is the heroine. It turns out, Annabelle is a character that Lucy Keating created. And Lucy has a plan for her. 
But Annabelle doesn’t want to live a life where everything she does is already plotted out. Will she find a way to write her own story—or will Lucy Keating have the last word? 

I walked into that one knowing absolutely nothing about the plot. The only reason why i picked it up was because of Lucy Keating’s name on the cover. So, lets just say i was not expecting a book that looked like a cute romance to come and break the wall between reality and fiction. Loved that idea, such an interesting concept. I couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. Also, ten points for Miss Keating making herself into a character in her own book. Again, i just love that idea. After that, the story read like a normal love story. Something i’ve read 100times before. She plays with pretty much every romance cliches find in YA. Did i like it anyway? yup, i did. It was cute. Not much happens really, it’s predictable, i do wish she did more with the writer/character relationship, feel like so much could have been added to this aspect. As for the characters, nothing really memorable. I did like our main character, Annabelle, i think she was fun to follow around. I liked her voice from the start, but all the other characters felt abit dull to me. Nothing really impressive, even in our two love interest. The writing style was lovely and exactly what i expected. I just really like her style, i will forever buy her book.

Literally: 4/5


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