The One when i am a Dreamer….?

Dear Monday,

i’m writing this at the end of the day, i’ve been in bed a little while. Turning. Thinking. Overthinking. So, i decided that now would be a great time to talk and empty my head a little.

Today, my head was filled with the idea of being a dreamer. Which it’s something i always related too. There was never any doubts in my head. I am a dreamer…well, until lately. i’ve been feeling so lost, Monday, so out of reach. I always had thousands of goals, thousands of things i wanted to do, wanted to feel, but now, with this messy, messy, mind of mine, it’s like i don’t know where to look any more. I can’t find my dreams, i can’t find the motivation to really look for them either. I think adulthood is killing the dreamer in me, and this is scaring the shit out of me. Because what is life without dreams? 

i feel like i need to refocus everything. rethink everything…and if you are an anxious person like me, you know how terrifying this can be.

Yours truly,



3 thoughts on “The One when i am a Dreamer….?

  1. A Pretty Story says:

    Wow, you have summed up my feelings perfectly. I’ve been feeling this way for a while, wondering where did my views of my dreams change. It’s really making me a little sad because I have always prided myself as a positive person who believed that if you can dream it, you can do it.

    • sarahinzombieland says:

      Exactly! How scary is it that now everything we believed in is changed?! it freaks me out…. i still have a list of goals, but when i look at them it’s like my mind says Meh. Never gonna happen. O.o trying to change my mindset again, i found a quote the other that i try to follow a much as possible : ” Take a small step towart that impossible dream today”

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