The One when I Know Nothing

Dear Monday,

did you know i’m turning 24yrs old in less than a month. How crazy is that? And that made me think alot about where i am in life and how i feel in this big, crazy world. This is definitely a conversation for an other time, but this whole thinking made me realize something extremely important about myself : I know nothing.

I always expected that by the time i hit my mid20, i’d have all those little things figured out. I’m not talking about the big aspect of life, but just those little things. How to do my taxes, how to cook a meal without calling my mom, how to deal with all the grownup crap…well, i don’t. I really suck at being an adult to be honest. I see it everyday when i listen to my coworkers talk. I always feel like they just know things, things i should probably know too…it’s like I missed a class or something. I’m not saying i’m stupid because i know i’m not. I actually see myself as a smart person in general….it’s just when it comes to life, i’m still a kid who was push into an adult world without any explanation.

Yours Truly,



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