Dominion (The Enertia #4) by J. Kowallis: Review + playlist 

“With Reggie’s death, Nate and the others are forced to continue on in their attempt to defeat Roman with the help of The Rising—a rebellion movement thriving in the bowels of Public Two. New faces and mysterious secrets—hidden technology, lies, and darkness—from within The Rising shake the balance of their trust. When an unimaginable encounter infiltrates the rebellion, true identities are revealed and loyalties torn apart. In the end, there’s only one target that matters: Roman—and they’ll do anything to stop him from claiming dominion. “
Writing this review is harder than i expected. It’s hard because one, this series is perfect to me. I love everything about it. The story is entertaining, impossible to put it down. All i wanted to do is keep on reading. There’s so many twists and omg moments, some i never saw coming. Dominion was a hit in the face, all the feels, all the love. The ending was incredible, the end of the series is always a scary part for me because a bad one can really destroy the whole thing, but in this case, the ending was the only one i could wish for. Really satisfied with it. The writing is, as always, wonderful. I was drinking every words, every sentences, every pages. I’m a fan and i will read everything she writes. 

The second reason why writing this post is so hard is because it’s the end. I have adored this series and those characters for a couple years now and i can’t believe i have to say bye. Books can really hurt you in the best possible way.

Thanks for this incredible adventure.

Dominon : 4.5/5

I also get to share something special with you guys today, and it is the playlist that inspired the writing of this book. I have to say i absolutely loveeeee it. Her music taste is A+

1. Wayfaring Stranger – Jamie Woon

2. Up in Flames – Ruelle

3. Back From The Dead – Skylar Grey

4. Take it All – Ruelle

5. If I Had a Heart Fever – Ray

6. Cut The Rope – Charlotte OC

7. Dear God –  Lawless

8. Hold on for Your Life – Sam Tinnesz

9. Game of Survival – Ruelle

10. Diminuendo – Lawless

11. Will I Fall – Zayde Wolf

12. Descent – Lawless

13. Ready Set Let’s Go – Sam Tinnesz

14. Who We Are – Tristan Prettyman

Find the playlist on Spotify here : X


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