The ond when i’m 24.

Dear Monday,

it was my birthday today. i am now a 24year old. Last year, when i turned 23, i told how freaked out i was. How scary being 23 felt (X)…i expected 24 to feel to same. Maybe even worst to be honest, but it doesn’t. This year i felt numb a little. Like i just didn’t care, i was to get it over with. My birthday just did not mean much to me and i didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. i’m 24, i’m lost, my mind is a mess 95% of the time and i’m the most unsure i have ever been about who i am and what i want, being 24 doesn’t change that. it doesn’t make it better or worst, it’s just a number. 

i guess, Monday, what i really want to say is that birthdays are there to celebrate one more year. it could have been the best year of your life or the most difficult one so far, but i feel like it’s just a set date to make you stop and think for a sec ; okay, i’m year older, what does it mean? Sometimes it freaks you out, sometimes it makes you happy and some years, like this one for me, you’ll just not care. 
Yours truly,



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