The One with the dark mind

Dear Monday,

Please don’t hate me, i know it’s been a while. The thing is, i like telling you about what’s going on in my head, but my head has been a scary place lately and i didn’t feel like talking about it. i’m gonna be honest, Monday, i feel like shit. I feel heavy and low and dark and all i want to do is sleep, but i don’t. Insomnia has been a bitch. I’m trying everything i can to quiet my mind has much has possible, thank god for music and jogging. Thank god for fictional world were i can go hide for a while. 

I’m trying Monday, i’m trying so freaking hard. 

That’s all for today i think, just a quick update after such a long time. i haven’t forget about you, i’ll try my best to write you every week like i use to.

Yours Truly,



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