I went vegetarian for a month and here’s what happened…

I think the title says it all, today I wanted to talk about my July eating habits. I spent the last 31 days without eating meat and i liked it.

Well, i didn't actually plan it. I woke up on July first and just decided to avoid meat as much as possible this month. I always wanted to do it, even as a kid or back in high school, but it never really worked out. Obviously, I love and care for animals and that was an important part of my decision.

It was actually easier then expected to be honest. I wasn't a big meat eater even before, so i didn't had that big of a problem to cut off meat. I quickly realized that there were alot of vegetarian options available. For me, the hardest, was when i was eating at somebody's else's house because i didn't want to force my new regime to my friend and family. It was my decision, they shouldn't have to change their plans for me, but turns out people in my life are very supportive. I did have some hardest day, mostly towards the end of my month when i had those crazy craving. Bacon was the worst, i think, but i ignored it and things turned out okay.

now that my month is over, what am i gonna do? Well, on August first i had bacon and……..it was weird. I think i was expecting it to be freaking amazing and it was just not like i remember. A couple people told me i would find my love for bacon again after a little while, but do i want to? i'm not sure, i think i may keep on with the vegetarian life style and see how it goes.

I'll keep you posted.

That's all for now. ^_^


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