Played on : Iphone

Woah, it’s been a while since a game got me that hooked. What a fun game! The cast of characters is just so freaking awesome. I just love them all. Reading their messages was super entertaining.

Why can they be real?! T.T

Also, love the fact that we can get so many different endings depending on you choices. I always enjoy games with that option, makes the game so much more interactive. I like the whole “mystery” aspect of the story too, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

Overall, lovely game that got me completely hooked in less than a day.

and i’m not planning on stopping soon. I need to see allllll the endings, good and bad.

Also, can’t get enough of Yoosung, he’s my love. ❤

i’m pretty sure this is not a game for everybody, but i enjoy it. No, more than that, i LOVE it, so i wanted to let you guys know about this little gem.

Mystic Messenger: 4.5/5


3 thoughts on “Sarah plays MYSTIC MESSENGER

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  1. I liked this game a lot. The only flaw was the time in which a person will get a message. Sometimes you could get one at around 3 am and can’t answer. It would be nice to have a set period in which you can get them..

  2. YES! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It’s just that it took a lot of sleep away from me but it’s okay. I got Zen during my first go though I did get a bad ending. I’m planning on downloading it again because the developer updated it (I think?)

    1. it’s my first time playing, so i’m not sure if it got an update, but yes, play again! Always fun to see these characters. i’m with Yoosung, and so far, i’m on a good way…..i hope. O.o haha.

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