Sarah plays GONE HOME

Played on : Xbox One

Gone Home was not really what i expected it to be and i think that, because of those expectations, i didn’t enjoyed it as much as i could have. In my mind, before i started, this was gonna be horror…or at least some kind of darker story. it may be the cover picture, or just the setting from the start : Storm and empty house, there’s also a couple of other elements in the game that made me think we were going to find some horror aspect. it is not. This game is not horror. it’s more a romance actually… during the whole game, you learn about the MC sister and how she fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, the writing was really good and i enjoyed the story…but after a little while, i got a bit bored. Nothing happens other then listening to the story unfold and explore the house. it’s really not my type of game. And it was kind of short which left me a bit disappointed.

Gone Home : 2.5/5


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