Fantastic Beats 2 + Overlord [2018]

Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald — 4.5/5

I saw alor of mix reviews with this one, but i’m gonna be honest, no matter what or who or who a HP movies is happening, i’m gonna love it. I found this film to be a dark, entertaining ride. it wa a pleasure to meet up with Newt again. He is such an interesting main character. Add to this a wonderful universe, alot a magic, and a villain so easy to hate. i’m already excited to see it again and to get the next one. Oh, and those magival creatures are simply the best.

Overlord — 3.5/5

I feel like this film sits in a middle section of my movie ratings. I didn’t hate it, but i also didn’t love it. It’s definitely been entertaining, but i wouldn’t watch it again and again. the characters were hard to care for, i actually didn’t care muvh when they died. As for the storyline, i’m not the biggest fan of “war movies” but since this one add a little horror touch to it, i didn’t dislike it. The horror part was interesting, not original, but fun to watch. i do wish that part was abut more developed. Big plus of the special effects, very well done.


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