The Sinister Corner #9 : Kuchisake Onna

Am I Pretty?

That’s the first thing she’s gonna ask.

Beautiful, mysterious, the legend says the woman will approach you slowly. A pair of scissors in her hand and the bottom half of her face hidden by a mask or a scarf.

Am I Pretty?

The options are not numerous.

If you says no, she’ll attack you with her scissors.

If you say yes, she’ll slowly remove her mask, showing a slit mouth extending from one ear to the other.

What about now?

Again : Yes or mo.

You answer here as no importance, in either way, you’ll end broken.

No : She will cut off your head with those horrible scissors.

Yes : She’ll cut open your mouth, so you’ll look just like her.

No one can really says where the legend started or who she is, but one of the stories is that she was attack and killed by her husband. Since than, she’s been haunting Japan looking for revenge.


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