How to Care for an Introvert

i am an introvert. Not only i am one, but i’m probably the most introvert of all introvert and i have anxiety, Holidays are freaking hard for people like me.

I did a little Anxiety survivor guide [X] last christmas, so here’s a guide for introverts.

Quiet Time. If you are an introvert, you know that you get your energy from being alone. That said, take some time before holiday events for yourself. You’ll need as much energy as you can get if you’re gonna face all those family members. For those no-introvert, please let your introvert take the time they need. They’ll come out once their batteries are full charged

At the party/dinner. Once you get there, make your possible to not put the introvert person into uncomfortable position. Introvert like to observe and listen, they are gonna analyses the scene in silence, so please give them the space they need.

Conversation. easy, superficial conversation are not the favourite of introvert, you want something abit more deep and interesting. Also, hanging out two on two or in smaller group will help the introvert feel more at ease. Don’t push too much, we like to think before we answer.

don’t force them. Introvert are introvert. Let them be. Don’t force things on them and accept that they may need a break from everything during the evening.

Food, pets and quiet room. To be honest, you’ll probably find you introvert around the pets of the house. That’s fine, they’ll come back to you aftera while, probably when the food comes around.

Introvert may seem like quiet and shy people, but if you give it time and love, you’ll find out introvert are pretty awesome.


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