Reading updates, Rabbit love and merry christmas

welcome people of the blogging universe,

i’m here for a little update because i feel like i need to give some sort of explanation.

I’m sorry there’s been so little book related post and that’s pretty much because i haven’t picked up a book in more than a month. i have been the worst reader of all time and that turned me into the worst book blogger of time. i have so many awesome books with me, waiting to grt read, but i just can bring myself to do it. There’s definitely many explanation for that and one of them is the lack of sleep.

We have been missing teo of our girls at work for almost 2 months, which got me taking one extra shift, running around like an insane girl.

and other reasons is that i adopted two lovely baby rabbits, which bring the count of bunnies in our apartment to 3. Tge transition as been abit chaotic since our first bunny dislike our two new babies. Anyways, i don’t want to bore you with details, but being a mom to 3 rabbits is absolutely magical but also exhausting.

And than we have christmas. oh…christmas. I swear i am less and less into it each year. i used to be miss christmas, to a point where i was super annoying, now i just too tired to care. Between the shopping, the decorating, tge wrapping, the running around, the parties, the annoying number of people in stores, Christmas has become sucha stressfull moment, i’m just so ready for it to be done.

But, i’m still going to wish you all a merry christmas and hopefully we all get some time to breathe and relax.

i’m going dark until 2019, i’m gonna use this time to recharge my batteries and find inspiration for new content.

See you on the other.

PS. I’m leaving some pictures of my babies, they are simply too adorable not to share, haha.


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