The One when we’re back.

Dear Monday,

We’re back to reality now. Christmas holidays are over, the decorations are down, and all the leftovers have been eaten. i survived an other year of crazy festive parties and family drama. i swear my love for christmas dies down a little bit more in year.

annnnnd now i’m back to work. Sadly. Today was my first day and my god it was a long one. i’m already dreaming of the weekend. Or maybe i just need a couple days to get used to my routine again …and that stupid 4am alarm.

It doesn’t help either that one of my 2019 resolutions is to cut down the coffee. I used to drink over 7 shots of espresso a day…i’m going to go for 2 cups now. Wish me luck. This is gonna be a hard ride.

Yours Truly,



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