Escape Room + Back Mirror : Bandersnatch + Bird box


i wasn’t expecting much going in witg this one, but to be honest, i enjoyed it. It was an intense and entertaining ride. I like that some characters were actually smart. This movie would have been completely different without them. The storyline itself was okay. The whole “escape room” puzzle was fun and intense, but that last couple minutes where not necessarily to the story. But overall, i would rewatch this one with pleasure.

Black Mirror : Bandersnatch – 3.5/5

Alright. i’m gonna be honest here, if it’s wasn’t for the whole “own adventure” part, this movie would’ve have a smaller rate from me. I absolutely adored the adventure, it was a very fun touch and i really hope we get to see more movie like this. Now, if i only look at the storyline, i’m gonna say meh. It didn’t hooked me like a Black Mirror episode would do. I actually even thought it was abit boring. Maybe I was just expecting something more. But the acting was fantastic, the concept was great and i’m glad i watched it.

Bird Box – 4.5/5

if you haven’t heard of this one, where have you been? Because it’s been all over the internet! and i can easily understand why. This film was amazing. Creepy in a very unsettling way. Not being able to see is horrifying. Especially when you just don’t really kmow what you are against and you need to stay alive. I loved the storyline! i do wish i had read the book, since i wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending and apparently it’s very different in the book. The characters were great. i got attached to some of them very quickly making it even more stressful to watch. Plus, it helps that the acting is flawless.


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