Worst Movies I Watched in May

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I have watched many movies in the month of May (Follow me on LetterboxD, i’m ZombiieeX https://letterboxd.com/ZombiieeX/) and from that long list of movies, a couple of them didn’t hit the mark….or in other words, they were just plain awful. I’m actually pretty easy to please when it comes to movie, so when i rate a film that low, it’s really because i hated it.

Figure i’d talk about those today!


First one i want to mention is D-RAILED. This film tells the story of a groups of people going in a murder/mystery train on halloween night, but suddenly, things take a dark turn when the train is taken over by thieves.

That’s only one part of the film, because in addition to the murder/mystery, the theives, the train also crashes AND the passengers are attacked by strange sea creatures….and there’s a ghost element to it also.

I mean, that’s alot for a 1h30 long movie. Because they pacted so much in, those elements are not well developped, and it feels more like a half finished projects than a well written movies. Because, i am not gonna lie, the writing sucked in this one. Cheesy dialogues and terrible acting makes D-railed a waste of time.

D-RAILED — 1.5 / 5

D-Railed (2018)

Than we have THEY’RE INSIDE, which is a home invasion type of movie, and all in a foundfootage style. This is usually my jam, but this one was so freaking dull. I mean, it started off pretty great, the first scene did get me excited for what was to come but dang, that was a miss chance to do something real good. The storyline was boring and nothing about it got my interest. The story is unoriginal, the acting is not so good, and the ending was awful.


They're Inside (2019) - IMDb

UNKNOWN VISITOR….where do i even start. Don’t waste your time on this one, it was 100% bad. Concept was super interesting, it’s all film on a door cam, which was a first for me, and i was ready for something spooky…..but it did not work. AWFUL acting, extremely cheap jump scares, terrible dialogue, and a messy story…. instead of building a story around the door cam, the decided to just pushed the story to fit it, which means, they force the characters to actually sleep outside in front of the cam……if that’s something you wanted to add to the storyline fine, but don’t film your movie on a door cam. It makes it look stupid. For a short movie, this one felt like a never ending dull dream…


Watch and Download Unknown Visitor (2019) Movies in 720p with HD ...

The last movie i want to mention is THE HAUNTING OF SHARON TATE…i don’t think i need to explain what this film is about, but just in case, this is about the Manson family murders and it focus is attention on Sharon Tate.

Okay. Listen, taking a true crime story and turning it into a horror movie has been done 10000000 times, but that one really struck a nerve. First thing first, from a movie perspective, this was not good. it’s messy. one second, Sharon and her friends are alive, then they are not, then they are and then nop, it’s a dream…..? what? The writing was a big joke, they turn Sharon into this crazy women who sees things and bla bla bla, which she was not. It’s such an awful way to portrait her. Hilary Duff may look the part, but clairly she cannot act it. Not that anyboby in this film was capable of acting.

oh…and the CGI is a freaking JOKE. it’s so bad, they can’t even make bloody water look good. C’mon…

The whole thing was of poor taste, badly done, badly act. Would not recommend.


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