Hello everybody, i am Sarah and welcome on my blog.

I have created SarahinZombieland because i wanted a space were i could fangirl and talk about all the things i love. Mostly books. Review, recommendations and list of favorites. I also want to talk about movies and TV shows because hey, i’m addicted to Netflix and i’m not ashame of saying it. I want to talk about anime and manga and video games and life in general. i’ve been a blogger since 2014 and it’s the best thing ever. 

Here’s a couple of things about me : I’m from Montreal, but i’m dreaming of London or maybe New York. I’m a big horror fan, movies, books and video games. I have been since i was a little girl. It’s  a big part of me. I’m a barista in a coffee shop and love my job. Coffee makes me happy. I dream of being a  writer. I’m an introvert. I like my time alone. I have anxiety and what i call my very bad days, but i’m also a dreamer and thinker , an insomniac and an artist…

Hello and welcome on my blog. hope you enjoy.

Email – bottine05@hotmail.com
Twitter – @ZombiieeX
instagram – ZombiieeX
Goodreads – ZombiieeX


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