The Sinister Corner : Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis, have you heard of it? Have you experienced it? i haven't and i hope to god i never do. This seems like the most horrifying thing ever. Okay. What is sleep paralysis? well, it's basically being awake, aware of everything but not being in control of your body. You are completely paralyzed. incapable … Continue reading The Sinister Corner : Sleep Paralysis


August’s favorite

I am a Killer - This Netflix documentary was an absolute pleasure to watch. Well done, interesting and a great picture of inmates in dead row. Definitely one of ny favorite thing of the month My Favorite Murder : I found myself discovering the magical world of Podcast this month and MFM has been my … Continue reading August’s favorite

The sinister Corner – #1 Introduction and The Momo Challenge

Hello Blogging people, I want to try something new as a blog series in which a talk about creepy shit. You guys probably know by now, but i have a thing for horror/dark/sinister stuff. I just find it all fascinating. the why, the what, the who. Paranormal, weird legends, crimes, anything creepy, i'm all in. … Continue reading The sinister Corner – #1 Introduction and The Momo Challenge