The Netflix Horror Challenge – Part 4

14 Cameras - 3/5 okay. We actually didn't know this was a sequel, so i can really use the first movie to compliment my view of this one, Overall, i found it creepy and disturbing. It was kind of horrible to watch and made me rethink the whole Airbnb thing. many scenes made me go... Continue Reading →


Anime Talk!

annnnd i'm back with an anime talk post. Gosh, it's been forever since we did one of those. So, i have a couple to talk about, lets start now. Free : Eternal Summer : I will always love the cast of this anime. They just make me smile so freaking much. Eternal Summer was an... Continue Reading →

My 5 cozy anime recommendations

It's cold outside now here in Montreal. So it's the perfect weather to just curl up in a comfy blanket and watch some animes. Here's 5 animes that will make a perfect fit for this cozy time of the year. 1. How To Keep a Mummy. When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring... Continue Reading →

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