Escape Room + Back Mirror : Bandersnatch + Bird box

ESCAPE ROOM - 4/5 i wasn't expecting much going in witg this one, but to be honest, i enjoyed it. It was an intense and entertaining ride. I like that some characters were actually smart. This movie would have been completely different without them. The storyline itself was okay. The whole "escape room" puzzle was... Continue Reading →


Fantastic Beats 2 + Overlord [2018]

Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald -- 4.5/5 I saw alor of mix reviews with this one, but i'm gonna be honest, no matter what or who or who a HP movies is happening, i'm gonna love it. I found this film to be a dark, entertaining ride. it wa a pleasure to meet... Continue Reading →

My 5 cozy anime recommendations

It's cold outside now here in Montreal. So it's the perfect weather to just curl up in a comfy blanket and watch some animes. Here's 5 animes that will make a perfect fit for this cozy time of the year. 1. How To Keep a Mummy. When high school student Sora Kashiwagi finds himself staring... Continue Reading →

Big Little Lies. 2017.

I know i'm late to the party but i finally watched Big Little Lies. I found this show very interesting, but i have to say, it did took me almost 4 episodes to REALLY get into it. It's only when things started to unravel that i got hooked. I did figure out a part of... Continue Reading →

Anime talk!

Helllooooooo blogging world! Lets talk about anime today! Because i love them. That's actually something i never really expected to LOVE to be honest. Other than Sakura and Pokemon, i didn't watch them until only a couple years ago. in 2018, i watch some good ones, some who also didn't grabbed my attention, so i... Continue Reading →

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