James Bay, Marianas Trench and a missing voice.

James Bay I saw James Bay on Saturday night. i've been a fam of his for a while now but it was my first time seeing him live. I had alot of fun at the show! he was a great entertainer and his voice is simply incredible. The setlist was perfectly smooth and fun, awesome... Continue Reading →


What’s on my playlist, Vol. 6

Hello my lovelies and welcome to an other edition of "My current Playlist" where i share 10 songs i've been listening to alot lately, mixing old and new songs of different genres. All for You - Years & Years The Winner takes it all - ABBA I'm Feeling You - Rak - Su Hands on... Continue Reading →

What’s on my Playlist, Vol. 4

Lets talk music today! Here's a little playlist of what i've been listening too lately, let me know if you have any recommendations, i'm pretty much open to any genres. Bloom - Troye Sivan Agenda - Emma Blackery Bad Decision - Chromeo High Hopes - Panic! at the disco All Things (from Queer Eyes) -... Continue Reading →

The Thrill of it All

[picture by EVENKO] Last night, Sam Smith stole a piece of my soul. This show was freaking magical. His voice is magnificent. The fact that i had goosebumps pretty much the whole time is a good proof that this was an incredible show. Concert, music, those are always my safe space. It just makes me... Continue Reading →

What’s on my playlist – Vol. 3

Hello People! time for me to share some of my current favorite songs, those who have been on repeat alot lately. As always, i also added some older songs that i rediscovered in the past couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any music recommendations, what are some of your current favorite? Done... Continue Reading →

Concert. Before and now.

here's a little thing about me : i am a concert junkie. You guys already know that music is the most important thing in my life. I'd go crazy without it. it helped me survived some of the darkest moments of my life and calms my mind when the anxiety seems too loud to even... Continue Reading →

What’s on my playlist – Vol. 1

Hello peeps, welcome. Hope you're all doing good. In today's post, i wanted to share with you some songs that can be found on my current playlist. I listen to ALOT of music, when I'm down, when i'm happy, anxious, working, not working, writing, reading, playing, chatting. There's always music and that's because i can't... Continue Reading →

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