February 14th.

Hello blogging universe, annnnnd, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ♥ Okay? how many of you just went UGH? It's fine, i understand why today would be a UGH day for many. I actually like Valentine's day, even if i spent all of them so far being single, but i just find it very sweet that in this … Continue reading February 14th.


January’s Favorites.

Hello People! It's time for me to share some of my favorite things of the month. I'm not including books since i may be doing a wrap-up later, but hopefully you guys will enjoy other of my favorites. There's a mix of everything Black Mirror : I spent the first week of January watching the … Continue reading January’s Favorites.

Horror recommendations – Netflix (Canada) – January 2018

My last Netflix recommendation can be read over HERE Hello peeps, let's talk about horror for a little. It's been a while since i gave you guys some of my recent discoveries, so here it goes. Five horror movies i loved that you can watch on Netflix, canada. The Babadook (2014) A widowed mother, plagued by … Continue reading Horror recommendations – Netflix (Canada) – January 2018

7 days of christmas – Day 2 : Santa Baby or my dream wishlist.

Hello lovelies, What if you could get whatever your want on christmas? what if money and time and space were no problem...what would you ask Santa if you could? Here's my list. 1. a trip to London. I'm from Montreal, Canada. and even if i love my city, there's something about London that just grabbed … Continue reading 7 days of christmas – Day 2 : Santa Baby or my dream wishlist.