The Netflix Horror Challenge – Introduction

Hello world! Tonight, i introduce a new weekly series that i am calling THE NETFLIX HORROR CHALLENGE. Ouhhhh, such an original name, haha. So, basically my plan is to watch every horror movie available on Netflix (canada). How long is that gonna take?! Probably a very long time, haha. But i think it should be … Continue reading The Netflix Horror Challenge – Introduction


Movie : The Strangers : Prey at Night. (2018)

i'm gonna start off by saying that i waited 10 years for this damn sequel. the first one is probably one of my favorite horror film ever, so let just say my expectations were high. So, how was it? Well, i freaking loved it. it was obviously not a perfect movie. It had some cliches … Continue reading Movie : The Strangers : Prey at Night. (2018)

Horror recommendations – Netflix (Canada) – January 2018

My last Netflix recommendation can be read over HERE Hello peeps, let's talk about horror for a little. It's been a while since i gave you guys some of my recent discoveries, so here it goes. Five horror movies i loved that you can watch on Netflix, canada. The Babadook (2014) A widowed mother, plagued by … Continue reading Horror recommendations – Netflix (Canada) – January 2018