The ond when i’m 24.

Dear Monday,

it was my birthday today. i am now a 24year old. Last year, when i turned 23, i told how freaked out i was. How scary being 23 felt (X)…i expected 24 to feel to same. Maybe even worst to be honest, but it doesn’t. This year i felt numb a little. Like i just didn’t care, i was to get it over with. My birthday just did not mean much to me and i didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. i’m 24, i’m lost, my mind is a mess 95% of the time and i’m the most unsure i have ever been about who i am and what i want, being 24 doesn’t change that. it doesn’t make it better or worst, it’s just a number. 

i guess, Monday, what i really want to say is that birthdays are there to celebrate one more year. it could have been the best year of your life or the most difficult one so far, but i feel like it’s just a set date to make you stop and think for a sec ; okay, i’m year older, what does it mean? Sometimes it freaks you out, sometimes it makes you happy and some years, like this one for me, you’ll just not care. 
Yours truly,


Wrap-up : May 2017

Wrap – up tiiiiiime. i think this month was a good reading one. I had a couple of fun adventures in May!

📚 Lord of Shadows : 5/5 

📚Goodbye Days : 4.5/5

📚 Fierce Kingdom (ebook) : 4/5

📚 Re : Zero (Vol. 1@2) : 4/5

📚 Ajin (Vol. 5@7) : 4/5

📚 Dominion (ebook) : 4.5/5
4 novels and 5 mangas. I call this a win, especially since i have enjoyed all of them. ^_^ 

The one with the rain.

Dear Monday,

i’d like to talk about the weather today. Is that weird? I always felt like rainy days were special. It’s not something alot of people enjoy, but i do love my rain. The sound, the smell, they wave of umbrellas in the streets, i just enjoy the whole ambience. 

I specially like it when there’s a thunderstorm. When those happen, i open my window and close the lights. I let the weather give me a show. It calms me down more than anything else. I stay up at night just to enjoy the storm. I wish we had more of those. 

That’s all for today, i’m not feeling very inspired. Next Monday should be interesting, it will be my birthday.

Yours truly,


Tattoo Stories – Part 1

Tattoo Stories is going to be a series of posts where I talk a little about my tattoos. I have a couple of them and i think it’s always interesting to see why people get them.

Lets start with tattoo number 1, This little guy : 

My little star was actually my first tattoo. I was only 17 years old and to be honest, at first, it didn’t mean much. I got a star because i found it cute and i just really wanted a tattoo. Now, this little one means so much to me. You see, since i was only 17, i needed a parent autorisation. My parents didn’t mind at all the tattoo, but since they were both at work, my grandfather came with me. My grandfather was one of the most curious human being i ever had in my life. So obviously, the second we walked into this dark and weird place where the people who worked there had devil horns and very graphic tattoos, my grandfather started asking questions. Everybody there was so nice and didn’t mind much all the questions, plus it made me less nervous. I will forever remember this day everytime i see this little star. 

My grandfather passed away 3 years ago and i still think of him everyday.  He was such a important part of my life, especially when i was a kid, bringing me and my brother on adventures around the city. I miss him.

So, here it is. Tattoo story number one, the star that makes me think of my curious grandfather ❤ 



Played on Xbox One

It’s been a while since i had that much fun playing a game. I mean, i always love my horror games, but they are usually intense and stressful. This one had that element too, but in i think in a very different way, it was such an interesting game, Very creepy I mean, those evil characters were absolutely horrifying. I love them all. I think they all made great vilains. They were terrifying in the best way possible.  The whole game was just fantastic. The visual was really pleasing, it’s a style i just adore. The story itself is not much explained, there’s no dialogue, you kinda have to guess what’s going on with what you are seeing, that was no problem for me. I was hoping for a little more info once i got to the ending, but i didn’t. It left me wanting more, but i still like how it ended.  I loved our charater, Six, we know nothing about her (him?) and she was very fun to play. She was adorable.

I guess you guys can see i loved that game, i loved every part of it. Played it in one sitting, wanting so much more once it was over. Little Nightmares is a great game, a new favorite for me. I can only recommend it.  


The One after a year.

Dear Monday,

I’ve been writing to you for one year now. How crazy is that? One year of letters. One year of ups and downs and monsters in my head. Thank you for listening. You’ve been very helpful. Writing those post always felt good when my mind was dark. Getting things out of my head, thing i don’t always say out loud helped me more then expected. We talked about thd bad days, the good ones, the sleepless nights and my fears. Sometimes it was random, sometimes it was deap, sometimes i had nothing to say for week, but i always came back to you.

And to all of you who read those letters, liked them and commented, thank you. You make me feel a little bit less alone. One of the many, many reasons why i love being a blogger. 

Yours truly,