The One when we talk about rabbits

Dear Monday, let me talk about my tree child. By child, i obviously mean my 3 bunnies. I've mentioned them before on here, but i wanted to talk abit more. my two female have been placed in my room until they get fixed. Which means i've got two noisy, but cute as hell roommates. so... Continue Reading →


The One when we’re back.

Dear Monday, We're back to reality now. Christmas holidays are over, the decorations are down, and all the leftovers have been eaten. i survived an other year of crazy festive parties and family drama. i swear my love for christmas dies down a little bit more in year. annnnnd now i'm back to work. Sadly.... Continue Reading →

The One When I am Low on Energy

Dear Monday, my energy level is at -300 today, and to be honest, it'a been low for almost a week now. i'm completely drained. There's many reasons. A fight with my best friend. Alot of anxiety. The pre-christmas insanity at work. The gift shopping. The money budget that comes with it. Planning. Late night. Early... Continue Reading →

The One when I do things

Dear Monday, i am someone who will push back things that makes me anxious. For exemple, if i have to call someone or do an important tasks, i'll probably wait until the last minutes. As if i didn't want to see them, i didn't want to do them because i know i'll be nervous about... Continue Reading →

The One with all the Murders

Dear Monday, i've been obsessed with true crime lately. I blame my Parabatai for that. I find it so interesting. I love trying to understand what the hell is going on. The human brain is such a mystery, seeing the dark part of it is fascinating. I've mostly into podcast. Which is not something i... Continue Reading →

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