The One when we’re back.

Dear Monday, We're back to reality now. Christmas holidays are over, the decorations are down, and all the leftovers have been eaten. i survived an other year of crazy festive parties and family drama. i swear my love for christmas dies down a little bit more in year. annnnnd now i'm back to work. Sadly.... Continue Reading →


The One When I am Low on Energy

Dear Monday, my energy level is at -300 today, and to be honest, it'a been low for almost a week now. i'm completely drained. There's many reasons. A fight with my best friend. Alot of anxiety. The pre-christmas insanity at work. The gift shopping. The money budget that comes with it. Planning. Late night. Early... Continue Reading →

The One when I do things

Dear Monday, i am someone who will push back things that makes me anxious. For exemple, if i have to call someone or do an important tasks, i'll probably wait until the last minutes. As if i didn't want to see them, i didn't want to do them because i know i'll be nervous about... Continue Reading →

The One with all the Murders

Dear Monday, i've been obsessed with true crime lately. I blame my Parabatai for that. I find it so interesting. I love trying to understand what the hell is going on. The human brain is such a mystery, seeing the dark part of it is fascinating. I've mostly into podcast. Which is not something i... Continue Reading →

The One when I Have to unpack

Dear Monday, i'm hiding in a blanket burrito, listen to My Favorite Murder podcast, drinking a strong cup of coffee while a thunderstorm is happening outside. And this, Monday, in my perfect setting. i just sat down after unpacking some of my things from my trip to Toronto. This weekend was fun. Toronto is such... Continue Reading →

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