James Bay, Marianas Trench and a missing voice.

James Bay I saw James Bay on Saturday night. i've been a fam of his for a while now but it was my first time seeing him live. I had alot of fun at the show! he was a great entertainer and his voice is simply incredible. The setlist was perfectly smooth and fun, awesome... Continue Reading →


Podcast Episode 1@3

Hey guys, My podcast is out! We actually have 3 episodes out! Find all the info here : X Episode 1 : The First Creep Listen here "Hey guys, welcome to the first episode of The Creepy Talk. In this week episode, Lydia covers The Suicide Forest and Sarah takes you to The Dyatlov Pass."... Continue Reading →

New project and busy days

Hello everyone, i'm here with a little life update because i feel like o have been abit quiet here lately. If it wasn't for my already draft post, this blog would have spent the last two weeks in the dark. And the reason for it is...That i'm working on a Podcast. My co-host and I... Continue Reading →

Anime Talk!

annnnd i'm back with an anime talk post. Gosh, it's been forever since we did one of those. So, i have a couple to talk about, lets start now. Free : Eternal Summer : I will always love the cast of this anime. They just make me smile so freaking much. Eternal Summer was an... Continue Reading →

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