Strange missing person shrine On october 3 2016, James Rankin posted a 12 minute video on is facebook page with the caption : DEADASS CREEPIEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN — thinking about calling the police.The video feature James walking down a clearing in Berkeley Jackson County Park on Long Island where he found something extremely unsettling. As he walks... Continue Reading →

Traci Rhode

On October 15 2003, Scott Rhode was found in his bed, with a gunshot wound to the head, by his wife, Traci : "I moved the pillow back and I saw all the blood and his eye was all swollen and I touched his face and said 'Scott, can you hear me,'". Police were called... Continue Reading →

Creepy Talk : Marlene Warren

On May 29 1990, the doorbell rang at Marlene Warren's house. When she open the door, she found a clown standing there with flowers and balloons. The clown said nothing and offered them to Marlene, and when she reached for them, the clown shot Marlene in the head before “calmly“ walking away. Marlene died later... Continue Reading →

Horror – Better Watch Out

Better Watch OutCame out in 2016Directed by  Chris Peckover SPOILER ALERT. hi, i'm Sarah and i love horror movie and i have a horror podcast. This week we watched BETTER WATCH OUT and i wanted to share the notes i took while watching the film. The movie follows a kid who has a crush on... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – day 26

31 days of summer horror - Day 26 : Await Further Instructions It’s christmas time, and the member of a dysfunctional family are reunited to celebrate. But when they wake up the next morning, a strange black substance is blocking each exit of the house, locking every one in. The TV showing one message :... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 25

31 Days of Summer horror - Day 25 : PATCHWORK Patchwork follows tree women who, after a night out, wake up all stitched together... The movie surprised the hell out of me. I definitely was not expecting this Frankenstein like comedy. This movie was so fun! I loved the relation between the 3 womens. Their... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 21

31 DAYS OF SUMMER HORROR - DAY 21 : UNSANE This movie follows Sawyer, a women accidently signs a consent form for voluntary 24-hour admission to a locked psychiatric hospital. Things are already pretty bad for her, but it gets even worst when her Stalker shows up... The movie follows a very simple, is she,... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 18

31 DAYS OF SUMMER HORROR - DAY 18 : THERAPY Therapy follows two young police officers who have to investigate some strange videos found in an abandoned building. This movie bored the living hell out of me. It's half an okay found footage, half a bad crime drama. Let's start with the found footage part.... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 16

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 16 : Frazier Park Recut This movie follows two friends trying to make a movie. Yes, the premise is that simple! This movie is a low budgets one and it knows it. Instead of pretending it wasn't, it stripped all the unnecessary elements, keeping a simple. With a... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 14

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 14 : Little Evil Little Evil tells the stoy of Gary who just got married to the women of his dream. She's perfect. But there's something about his boy that doesn't sit right with him...and soon he started wondering if maybe, his step-son, was the antichrist. This is... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 13

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 13 : 0.0MHZ 0.0MHZ follows a paranormal club who decides to go to this abandoned house lost in a woods hoping to test out this frequency on which spirits can apparently communicate. The premise of this one is pretty simple, one that we have seen a million times... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 12

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 12 : Black Mountain Side Black Mountain Side follows a group of archaeologists who finds a strange and old structure buried in the snow. Things starts getting weird and isolation begins to get a hold on the archaeologists... This is an other slow burn, and to be honest,... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 9

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 8 : The Beach The beach house follows young couple Emily and Randall who decides to spend some time in Randall's dad beach house for a romantic getaway. What they don't expect is to find an other couple using the house. After everything is explain, the couples settles... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 8

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 8 : Classroom 6 This found footage movie follows a TV crew who investigated the strange disappearance of a teacher and his student from what is believe to be a haunted school. This review is gonna be short : BAD. There's nothing much to save it really. I... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 6

31 Days of Summer Horror - Day 6 : Metamorphosis This movie follows two brothers. The first one is a priest, torture by guilt after a young girl dies during an exorcism. The second brother is a family men, and him, his wife and 3 kids are moving into a brand new house, but things... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 5

31 Days of Summer of Horror - Day 5 : Suicide Club Suicide Club starts off with 54 school girls jumping in front of a train. Cops are soon call and they start wondering if this is an accident or a crime...but the suicide keeps happening around town, the get stuck in this dark, scary... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror – Day 4

31 DAYS OF HORROR - DAY 4 : SLEEPAWAY CAMP Sleepaway Camp tells the story of quiet and shy Angela who, after a terrible tragedy leaves her alone, is force to move in with her aunt. Things are pretty normal until one summer, when Angela and her cousin are sent to camp and people start... Continue Reading →


V/H/S - Amateur Night Bonjour, hi, Hola, Last night, I spent about an hour wandering on different streaming site, looking for my late night watch...i had now idea what i was in the mood for, until i finaly came across VHS. i had seen the movie back when it first came out, so i figure,... Continue Reading →

HORROR : You Should Have Left

Bonjour, Hi, Hola, Let's talk about this newly release horror film called YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT. It came out june 18 on VOD and it stars Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried in an effort to repair their relationship, a couple books a vacation in the countryside for themselves and their daughter. What starts as a perfect... Continue Reading →

Sarah plays WORLD WAR Z

PLAYED ON PS4 Took a break from Animal Crossing long enough to play WORLD WAR Z. I was not a bit fan of the book or the movie, but i was told that this game was the closes to a new installment of LEFT 4 DAY which is such a great time. So, just like... Continue Reading →

RANKED : The Scream Series

Hola, hello, bonjour, I recently rewatched the entire Scream series because WHY THE HELL NOT. I am a big fan of it, i probably saw the whole thing a million times, they are just such a fun ride. there's for movie in the series, and i'm gonna ranked them, from less favorite to the best... Continue Reading →

Review : Simone St-James’ Books

I have not read many books lately. So when books like the two i am about to talk to come into my life, i get really excited. the first one i picked up was The Broken Girls by Simone St-James. This one came out in 2008 and it was fantastic. Vermont, 1950. There's a place for... Continue Reading →

Horror I’ve Watched Lately

Hello, hi, bonjour, Lets talk horror. I feel like i haven't done a horror movie blog post in for eveeeer. and in the past week or so, i have watched a many of them (Literally the only thing i have watched for a whole week). I am not gonna mention all of them, but here's... Continue Reading →

Review : The Red Scrolls of Magic

I love the shadowhunter universe. Always have, always will. And Alec Lightwood is one of my favorite characters. (Jem being my other one) So, i was really EXCITED to learn about this book. Of course, my stupid reading slump stopped me from read it earlier, but now that i am back....well, this baby was one... Continue Reading →

Review : The Turn of the Key

The turn of the key by Ruth Ware First book of 2020, yayyyy. And i actually really enjoyed that one. This book follow a girl named Rowan has she become a live in Nanny for a family...the book is told has a letter, a letter she's writing from jail after something horrible happens at the... Continue Reading →

My chocolate cake dream

I made this cake recently and it was a win with everybody who tried it, so i wanted to share my recipe with you guys. For the Cake 1 ½ cups flour 1 cup cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 ½ teaspoons baking soda ½ teaspoon baking powder 1 ½ cups of coffee 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 cup... Continue Reading →

2010 – 2020

This is a picture of me, 10 years ago. 2010 Sarah was about to finish High School. She just got accepted into Film Making has her next step. Her parents were still married, she was still living in her house, with a pool and a dog. She had one tattoo, her little start on her... Continue Reading →

Review : On The Other Side

One the other side by Carrie Hope Fletcher This book has been on my TBR list for ages, the description really grabbed my attention and i was just so curious to see how this story would unfold. But, sadly, i feel like this was a miss for me. No, i didn't hate it. I did... Continue Reading →

Blue Christmas and holiday chat

Hello, Merry christmas to anybody who reads this. and for those who find nothing merry in Christmas, don't worry, i get it. Which is a little what i want to talk about. I have family, i have friends, but for some reason, christmas makes me feel incredibly small and lonely even. I feel like there's... Continue Reading →

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