31 Days of Summer Horror – Day 5

31 Days of Summer of Horror - Day 5 : Suicide Club Suicide Club starts off with 54 school girls jumping in front of a train. Cops are soon call and they start wondering if this is an accident or a crime...but the suicide keeps happening around town, the get stuck in this dark, scary... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Horror – Day 4

31 DAYS OF HORROR - DAY 4 : SLEEPAWAY CAMP Sleepaway Camp tells the story of quiet and shy Angela who, after a terrible tragedy leaves her alone, is force to move in with her aunt. Things are pretty normal until one summer, when Angela and her cousin are sent to camp and people start... Continue Reading →


V/H/S - Amateur Night Bonjour, hi, Hola, Last night, I spent about an hour wandering on different streaming site, looking for my late night watch...i had now idea what i was in the mood for, until i finaly came across VHS. i had seen the movie back when it first came out, so i figure,... Continue Reading →

HORROR : You Should Have Left

Bonjour, Hi, Hola, Let's talk about this newly release horror film called YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT. It came out june 18 on VOD and it stars Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried in an effort to repair their relationship, a couple books a vacation in the countryside for themselves and their daughter. What starts as a perfect... Continue Reading →

Sarah plays WORLD WAR Z

PLAYED ON PS4 Took a break from Animal Crossing long enough to play WORLD WAR Z. I was not a bit fan of the book or the movie, but i was told that this game was the closes to a new installment of LEFT 4 DAY which is such a great time. So, just like... Continue Reading →

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