Sarah plays SPYRO : Reignited Trilogy

Played on : PS4 You guys have no idea how freaking excited i was for this one. I grew up playing this series. and when i say playing, i mean doing the whole thing, reaching the ending and restarting all over again. I have many good memories of full days playing this with my brother.... Continue Reading →


Sarah plays SPIDERMAN

Played on PS4 this is a game i've been eyeing for a while now. And omg, this was so much fun! the gameplay was smooth and gloriously entertaining. There's so many things to do, so that even if you're stuck in the main story, you can still play and get your character stronger. Which is... Continue Reading →


Played on : PS4 This game. Guys. This gameeee. I had such a fun time! and here's why : 1) Storyline is pretty interesting and entertaining, you follow 3 main characters, so 3 stories. I enjoyed all of them. Wasn't bored for a seconds, completely hooked. 2) Characters. Ohhh, my babies. I got really attached... Continue Reading →


Played on : PS4 The first time i heard about this one was at comicon last year. I saw a poster of the characters and just loved them. I was kinda of disappointed when i realized that this was not an anime, but a video game....for foward a couple of weeks ago, i now... Continue Reading →


PLAYED ON : PS4 this game was such a great surprise. The storyline got me hooked from the start and my god did i enjoy the game play. It was fun, entertaining and extremely addictive. It's one of those games that lets you explore the world and find side quests, which was such a great... Continue Reading →

Sarah plays THE EVIL WITHIN 2

Played on : Xbox One Ahh, back into this weird little world that is The Evil Within. I absolutely loved the first instalment, so i was extremely excited about the second one. I really enjoyed it. I found it fun and entertaining and not gonna lie, it kept me on edge most of the time.... Continue Reading →

Sarah plays UNTIL DAWN

Played on : PS4 okay people, i found my new favorite horror game. This one was entertaining as hell and even if it felt a bit more like watching a movie, i was stressed out the whole damn time. Basically, you start off this party in a cabin on a snowy mountain with 8 "main"... Continue Reading →

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